Terms of Services

Terms of Service

www.AaMeeGo.com is the owner of following websites and app:

www.AaMeeGo.com is the owner of this website and they shall be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “www.AaMeeGo.com”

Please note that 50% of the payment has to be released from the client before commencement of the project and the remaining 50% has to be released on the completion and once the client is satisfied with the work but before the delivery. Any business communication has to be done with the business head and not any other entity. Client would not be allowed to be present at the site of work at all times and if any delay happens due to their presence/interference, it would be considered as sole responsibility of the client. All the terms and briefs would be finalized at the commencement of the project and no changes whatsoever would be entertained once the work on the project has started. The terms of sale mentioned for the website shall only be restricted to website. Our corporate office is registered at .

The terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of services offered on www.AaMeeGo.com are independent of the other channel partners and third parties. Also, the deals and promotions showcased for our service online shall only be applicable to these services online, if the services are purchased through a third party deals or promotions may vary or may not be available and vice versa.

These terms and conditions are amended from time to time and www.AaMeeGo.com has sole authority of amending its terms and conditions without any prior notice/announcement. We suggest that every time you pitch in for our services, please go through these terms of sale thoroughly to avoid any confusion. Once you have placed an order with www.AaMeeGo.com, it will be taken as your acceptance for these terms and conditions.

www.AaMeeGo.com reserves the right to cancel the order placed by you if any fraudulent activity is doubted or there are any operational/technical glitches in the process. The client reserves the right to cancel/terminate the contract within two days of the commencement of the project (50% payment given in advance would not be returned to the client in this case), any such activity undertaken after that would call for full payment of the project. The client will be informed about the same via his/her registered E-mail ID.

Product Images/Content

Please note that the images are subject to different displays on the different systems due to system specific specifications. The colours and texture visible in the images have been matched to the closest possible limit with the actual site; any difference/lapse in the same is purely due to difference in system specifications on different machines. At www.AaMeeGo.com, we take MAC/IOS display as a standard for image colour display quality. Please note that there is a chance of human error where the information may have been missed or entered wrongly. In an event of any information mismatch, we request you to contact our Client support centre at [email protected]