Corporate Events

As boring as it sounds, corporate events are notorious for being highly formal events. But, here is the part where you will witness the twist. Every organisation today believes in the concept of “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” and nobody wants a dull workforce for their organisation.

Hosting corporate events has revolutionalised over the last century at a much greater scale and has reached the next level where all the large scale and small scale organisations host employee engagement events like Off-site team engagement, seminars, conferences, full day training programmes, fitness events for employees, camps, family day functions, corporate gifting at different occasions, annual and quarterly meets, and the list is endless. All you have to do is define the budget of your event and let us do the rest.

“If you want to take care of your clients, take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your clients”

Customized Personal events

Do you often think about hosting a pre-wedding function, a cocktail, a farmhouse party, first birthday of your little munchkin, or just a celebration for your promotion or a farewell when you complete those golden years of service???

Let’s give you a meticulously designed, perfect for your taste and fitting to your pocket kind of event with everything “Just amazing”. Contact our events team Click here to know more.

Customized Tour

When was the last time you booked a tour package and came back with all the golden words for the booking agency? There was a time when we were kids, our parents used to book our tours and we can vouch for it, “amazing” was the word that could explain the experience.

Ever wondered why? They say, “If you want to meet God, travel”. Can you describe that feeling you get when you witness the most beautiful site, a candle light dinner at the sea shore under the starry sky, waking up only when the first ray of sun kisses your cheeks with a huge table full of delicacies spread out in front of you? We make that happen because we know how it feels when the first drop of the rain falls on the face, when the sand slips from under your feet at the sea shore, when all you can hear in the dead of the night is the music of crickets and soft cool breeze brushing past your hair, when you take that first dip in the vast ocean, when you dive from the sky for the first time!

Yes we got lost in those moments too! Come hold our hand and let us take you to the road less travelled into the most beautiful unexplored places. Thank us later!

The wedding planner

“There is nothing as precious as a smile that lights up the whole sky!”

A parent would give up anything to witness that moment of bliss. And we understand! We make sure
that the smile on your faces be as wide as the horizon of your happiness on the D-day and that
nothing stands in your way. Now you don’t have to miss that magical moment when the groom first
sets his eyes on his beautiful bride while you are busy arranging for the Varmalas. Live your dream,
live the moments and leave the rest up to us.

We will be your doppelganger for every single task, right beside you assisting like a shadow at every second. Right from choosing the venue, wedding cards, designing the layout, gifts, menu, music, decoration, lights, choreography, moment freezing pictures, tying the knot, to the emotional goodbyes we do it all for you! You just have to sit back and witness what is most important.

  • Corporate Gifting

    Are you tired of box of sweets and scented candles and constantly run out of options to gift your employees on special occasions??? Employees are the backbone of any organisation and they work tirelessly round the clock. They deserve much more than the cliche gifting options. You strike a cord with your workforce when you customise the gifts for them, that is where we come into picture. Unique, special, personalised corporate gifts, suited to your budget and taste. There are endless options and vast variety of ideas when it comes to engaging your employees, give them something special which marks an impact on their heart and mind. You’ll feel the motivation and enthusiasm soaring high!

  • Your Events Details

    Please share your events details, So that we can connect with you with full specifications.