5 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning An Event

An event is not just an event, its a memory that is engraved and reminds you of all the hard work you put in and all the sleepless nights you spent while planning the little last minute details. Nobody would want all of that to go into vain and let the memory turn into a bitter experience. We are here just in time to save the day and suggest the top 5 things that you need to keep in mind while you’re going to plan an event, be it a personal small scale event like a birthday party for your loved one or a big day for your daughter/son or the next corporate event your team is looking forward to.

  1. Set the budget: The first and foremost thing to do while you plan an event is to fix the budget you want to run for it. That saves you a lot of unwanted cost and keeps you from deterring from your main agenda. Divide your event into small tasks and set budget for each. Try to stick to that.
  2. Food: Its time you break free from the myth of buffets. Buffets are simply an excuse to waste food that could otherwise be planned wisely. Nobody who wants to dine out, goes for such big portions. Instead go the niche way, seated arrangement with food on the table is what the guests look forward to. Everyone wants to be the guest of the day and be served, give them that delightful experience and save the food too.
  3. Decoration: Learn the art of doing less for more. You need to know where to decorate instead of blindly putting anything anywhere. There is no point in spending lakhs on decoration that would ultimately go to waste. Minimalism is the key. The focus areas for decoration can be the areas where you will have maximum activity e.g if you are planning a wedding, decorate the shamiyana, altar, stage and the passage from where the bride would join the groom well. There is no need to put garlands and hundreds of flowers everywhere. Rather than solving the purpose, it distracts the attention from the focus areas.
  4. Pick a theme & Colour: Instead of doing just anything, planning the event according to the theme and colour concept suited to the occasion is the best. Subtle colours and pastels are the deal of the day, they play a major role in giving a soothing experience yet at the same time direct the focus to the most important areas of the event.
  5. Planning is the key: Be it a small scale event or a large gathering, planning should always be a step ahead of everything you do. In fact, it should be the first step to execution of the big day. Every big task has to be divided into several small milestones with timelines to meet. That is the key to success.
Every event is to be celebrated as the biggest event of your life and we bet on these top 5 tasks. If you can accomplish them perfectly, nothing comes in your way and you’ll shine like a gem on the D-day.

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