About Us

About Us

Envisioning a future with the dream of making the world a happy place by giving shape and realisation to the imagination of those who believe in thinking from their hearts, is what fuels our passion. AaMeeGo Planners Pvt. Ltd. is a platform where all your hopes and vision come to reality nourished by the hard work and sweat of our highly skilled and professional team of experts. Right from hosting a baby shower to showcasing a big corporate event, we manage everything that you can think of. Our experts ensure you the wow factor you’re looking forward to at your big day and every time we make sure it’s unique.

”When you believe in something truly and completely, its inevitable that it won’t come true. Everything that can be imagined, can be created. First step to the creation has already taken place in your mind, let us take it from there.”

Our Core Values

Work on 6 Sigma

“Jiska koi nahin uska Google hai yaaro” True??? Not true??? You can find beautiful designs and sets on the internet, but you can’t find the expertise of pulling it off. A beautifully designed event can go down the drain if even a single step is missed. That’s where we come into play. We work on the principle of 6-sigma when it comes to service delivery! Just like your every penny, every second counts and we make sure it does.


Have budget on your mind? Are you tired of making compromises on your dreams just because your pocket cannot afford them? Who doesn’t. Just dream, leave these worries to us. We provide consistently high quality service to suit every pocket. We have meticulously designed event packages to suit all your needs, all with zero tolerance on quality & service delivery. Now you can reach the stars while being grounded. We can make you stretch out to reach the moon as well. Find out how, in “Our Services”

Expertise Fusion

Just like every dream is important, having expertise to fulfil it is equally important. We do not rely on age-old concept of all round expertise. We have experts for every detailed task and skill and we make sure to create the right mix and fusion of services to suit all your requirements. You just have to pick and choose the cherries for your cake!

We believe in you

As rightly quoted by our Co-Founder and Chairman, “When you believe in something truly and completely, its inevitable that it won’t come true. Everything that can be imagined, can be created”, we believe in your imagination. And we strive to make it come true for you, to make you live your dreams and make every moment of your imagination a memorable reality.

Meet the AaMeeGos

S. K. Sharma, Co-Founder & Chairman

A rich experience spanning over 40 years of hard work and vision of making every occasion memorable in mind, our co-founder and chairman, Mr S.K. Sharma is laden with achievements that speak volumes about his personality. He has been a reputed officer of Haryana Irrigation Department, Ex-Chairman BBMB and has now retired as Member Irrigation(I) in July’2018. Popularly known as “BOSS” by his peers during his grad years at PEC(Punjab Engineering College), he has never been short of confidence and clarity.

Ishanjeet Singh, Marketing & Operations Head

They say words can be deceiving. They also say that deceiver cannot deceive for long. Marketing professionals are notoriously known for being deceivers. But, our Marketing Head, Ishanjeet Singh works in just the opposite direction. He believes in the concept of “Saying what you can deliver and delivering what you say”. He is a true reflection of the spirit of AaMeeGo – Delivering more than what you ask for.

Parul Singh, Head - Tours & Travels

Her passion for travel fuelled by her passion of exploring the unknown, gave wings to her desire to take people along and show them the realms of this earth that are still untouched. When you love something, you get engrossed in every aspect, every little detail and every part of it. Parul Singh, our lil’ globe trotter as we call her, is an expert and doesn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to designing a fun-filled, budget-friendly travel plan. Say no to group travels, back-breaking road trips and boring travel guides. We give you customised itenarary to suit your tastes.

Anita Sharma, Head - Human Resources

An experience of around 20 years with Haryana Education Department, our Head – Human Resources, has every reason to be proud of her achievements and skills. She is a gregarious social person with a knack of empathy and radiance, signature to her. Over her 20 years of work experience, she has gained an expertise over effectively managing and optimising resources, something which is crucial to a good Human Resource professional.

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